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19 Nov
LEAMIS have been made aware of suspicious incident regarding emails appearing to be from Egress/Switch LEAMIS would like to remind IT users to be vigilant when dealing with any external emails and DO NOT OPEN attachments (including Word and Excel documents) and DO NOT click links within the message unless you are absolutely certain of the origin of the email Please contact the person/school by phone to check whether they intentionally sent you the email or not. If you are not expecting to receive an email from them the safest thing is not to click on any links within the email. If you are expecting an Egress (previously Switch) communication, please still do not click on the link but instead go directly to their website ( LEAMIS recommend the following: Not to click on suspicious links Do not open suspicious attachments If in any doubt check with your IT support or LEAMIS Ensure your Anti-Virus is up to date Ensure a backup is in place and operational If you are unsure as to whether you may have inadvertently opened a suspicious attachment or clicked an unknown link please telephone the LEAMIS Service Desk for further advice 0116 2311 280. The Service Desk will be open from 8:30 am until 5.00 pm.
Leicestershire Virtual School’s book “Superheroes!”
11 Nov
Leicestershire Virtual School’s book “Superheroes!”, an anthology of short stories written by Leicestershire’s children in care, has been published and is now available for purchase. The book features stories written by 48 of Leicestershire’s children in care aged between 4 and 15 about existing well-known comic book characters plus some newly-created ones such as Cupcake Queen, Cat Kid and Michael Recycle. The creation of this book is the most recent project from the Leicestershire Virtual School to address their children’s literacy skills. It follows on from the monthly book parcels sent to all primary age children that encourage and nurture reading skills. The creative writing project has given Leicestershire’s children in care the opportunity to set free their imagination, create new characters or place old favourites in new and often bizarre new situations. In doing so, the children have been able to develop their writing skills and see their stories in print, encouraging them to enjoy the creative writing process and view themselves as writers. Please click here to purchase your copy
School closures due to severe weather guidance
08 Nov
Please refer to the attached document which provides guidance on school closures due to severe weather. The document provides guidance on health and safety, availability of staff, alternative options to closure, procedure to close your school, contacting the radio, procedure for contacting BBC Radio Leicester, incoming staff, duty /responsibility and grit supplies.