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Get your school involved in naming the gritter!

Primary School children across Leicestershire have the chance to name a new gritter in time for the battle with winter.

Leicestershire County Council is inviting youngsters, aged between five and 11 to don their thinking caps and name the new vehicle used to
clear roads of ice and snow.

The child with the winning name will be visited by “their gritter and its crew, and its name will be painted on as part of its livery.

Winners will receive a certificate and a chance to see the gritter with their chosen name and the school will receive a £50 book voucher.

Suggestions can be sent in by individuals, school classes or indeed the whole school. They should include the name they have thought of, together with the name and address of their school, and the class or child’s name if relevant.

Teachers can enter a name on behalf of a pupil or class by filling in the form online or download the document from attachments.


Name the Gritter Form

The competition starts today (24 November) and will run until Thursday, 21 December.

The winners will be chosen by a judging panel and will be announced early January.

24 Nov 2017

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