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NQT Induction Update - May 2020

For attention of Headteachers, NQT Induction Tutors and NQTs

The latest government guidance for newly qualified teachers during the coronavirus outbreak (COVID - 19) can be found at:



Main points from this guidance:
·       Proposals have been made to parliament to ensure that any absence due to the current coronavirus outbreak will NOT count towards the usual limit of 30 days.
·       Induction should continue and headteachers should make a decision on whether an NQT has met the Teachers’ Standards based on their performance throughout their induction. This decision should be made at the end of the induction period regardless of the disruption due to COVID - 19.
·       NQTs should continue their professional development and maintain frequent contact with their tutor.
·       The final assessment meeting should remain at the end of the induction period. In the meantime, evidence should continue to be collected.
·       Headteachers should make a decision about whether an NQT has met the Teachers’ Standards throughout the period of their induction by referring to: previous assessment records, discussions with the induction tutors and consideration of non-routine teaching practice during the coronavirus disruption.
·       If, at the end of the induction period there are concerns that an NQT has not achieved the standards, an extension to induction may be recommended to the Appropriate Body.
Spring assessments have been reviewed and quality assured. These assessments will form the main evidence for NQT progress during this academic year. If an NQT’s progress has not been registered as a cause for concern with the LA, it is expected that the NQT will complete at the end of the induction period. Conversely, any NQT registered as ‘causing concern’ will have their induction period extended.

During this unprecedented period, we recommend that NQTs use any available time to develop professionally, for example by: completing reflective logs which are then discussed with tutors, research to improve their curriculum knowledge and review previous plans and assessment procedures.

Final assessments reports are likely to be brief and should be based on evidence gathered during lock down plus any teaching from 1st June when pupils may return to school.

In 2020-21 headteachers should consider facilitating additional support for current NQTs to compensate for the loss of training during the crisis.


03 Jun 2020

Rebecca Wakeley
Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT)
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