GDPR Service for Schools (GDPRSS)

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At GDS, we provide an extensive service to maintained school and academy governing bodies in Leicestershire and an increasing number outside of the county.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enacted with effect on the 25 May 2018.  Many of you will be aware of the work the GDS was involved in throughout the course of last year to raise awareness and to provide training in order to be prepared for the big day.  That day has now passed and I, for one, feel a sense of relief that life as I know it did not end! 

One month on, the question has become “how much needs to be done?” because the reality is that there are practices which need to become part of our working day lives and we probably are not there yet. Added to this are the urban myths that are starting to develop around what schools can and can’t do as a result of the legislation.

Children and Family Services have lent support to a project to work in partnership with schools to continue the GDPR journey.  An initial guidance service will be available from 1 September 2018 until the 31 March 2019.  The service will provide:

  • A dedicated email service to triage queries and to respond within appropriate timeframes;
  • Dependent upon demand a telephone guidance helpline to commence 1 October 2018;
  • Template documents – requested by schools or simply pooling resources between Leicestershire schools creating a library fit for purpose;
  • Access to appropriate training for all Governing Boards and school based staff – to include a rolling programme of higher level training to be held at County Hall for those governors and staff dealing with data issues on a daily/weekly basis.

The service aims to take considered practical steps towards embedding best practice within schools which will include help with populating an action plan of how compliance will be achieved.  We will begin with identifying the important steps to take first.  We will be informed by guidance from the Information Commissioners Office and as it is provided because we believe it is important to realise that the legislation is new so best practice has in all likelihood not yet been identified.
It is a cliché – but this is a journey and it is a partnership.  GDPRSS looks forwards to travelling with you.
Caroline Woodhouse
GDS Team Manager.



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